Review of the movie ‘U Turn (Tamil)’ directed by Pawan Kumar

Review of the movie ‘U Turn (Tamil)’ directed by Pawan Kumar

‘U Turn’ is about how a young intern with a popular newspaper brand, who tracks the ‘U’ turn violations on the flyover and becomes the primary suspect behind a series of deaths, helps the cop unravel the mystery behind those deaths and the one common connection between those deaths. This movie was originally produced in Kannada, then remade into Tamil and Malayalam starring Shraddha Srinath, Samantha and Sandhya Raju respectively as the protagonist. It leaves the viewer with a very strong and emotional message.

Rachana(Samantha), who plays the role of an intern comes across a uber cool character, with great civic sense and it is this attitude that makes her track people who are taking unauthorized U-turns on the flyover by moving the median. Her idea behind the project is to interview such violators and understand their intention behind doing so. She is also assisted by the crime reporter, Aditya (Rahul Ravindran). They develop feelings for each other and the on-screen chemistry between them works pretty well.

Rachana is caught by surprise when police corners her as the primary suspect in a murder case. She denies the claim hard and baseless but no one in the police station except Nayak(Adhi) believes her. Nayak delves deeper into the connection between similar deaths, whose contact information are with Rachana but Nayak’s superior forces him to pull the plug and suspends him because of an unforeseen outcome of an action that Nayak does. Though Rachana is released from the case, she couldn’t control her intention to discover the true reason behind the series of deaths and their connection to them taking U Turn on the flyover.

Nayak warns her to stay away but Rachana is not the one to listen. She meets Ritesh(Naveen), who has lost his wife (Bhoomika) and his girl child in an accident on the same flyover. Rachana feels that she found the missing link but with no support, she feels helpless and takes an extreme decision. Though her decision was extreme, she figured out who was behind all these mysterious deaths.

How Rachana puts an end to the whole thing is what viewers will get to know in the climax. On the whole, this is a different supernatural thriller movie, with no scary faces and alarming screams, making it more watchable.  Most of the scenes spring a surprise and there are no songs or unwanted dialogues, a near flawless movie, I would say. And this movie sends out a need-of-the-hour message to all motorists to behave with empathy and act as responsible citizens. In India, flouting traffic rules is not something which is unheard of and it sometimes appear that violating rules is ingrained in our mindset. But, this movie highlights (rather warns!!) the aftermath of such violations and how it could destroy hopes and hearts of the family members of the victim who falls prey to the irresponsible action of a stranger who violates. 


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